oh boy

So, today I watched a movie about Lyme.  Not a pleasant one, but highlighting a few very severe cases of undiagnosed Lyme.

I guess a variation of emotions is common at this point.

I took a long detox bah with epsom salt and now my skin is all itchy and bumpy and I don’t know what to do with myself except keep moving and drinking.  This was expected according to what I read (which is probably way too much) so at least I know there will be an end to it at some point.  Now I need to find a Lyme literate Doctor who can guide me through this and it would also be great if she/he would take my insurance…. I’ve been on the phone for hours already trying to find someone.  They are either far far away or don’t take insurance or have no clue about Lyme.

My friend Kate has made up a protocol for Essential Oil use to use in conjunction with the antibiotics I am using.  I will modify as I go along and post about that here too.

So for today I used:

Morning Elixir

A drop only of Sandalwood for itch on my wrists in the morning

LLV Morning and Night

PB assist in the afternoon

Water with lemon

Epson Salt bath

Woke up with crazy headache but faded as I was having breakfast but the itching is awful.

To be continued…


The first week

I started the Doxycycline on Wednesday. It is now Friday morning and I feel the morphing into health process. It’s like getting a brand new body free of yucky ill making creatures.
I feel that they have invaded my skin, my head, my brain cells, my joints and my eyes, my lungs…
I am stronger than they are. I feel them putting up a fight but I am making them vanish. The light is stronger than the darkness. I will eat and drink an army of goodness that will gulf over them. I will take care of this body that houses my soul during this life and make it stronger than ever before.
I will have the assistance of loving family and friends in reminding me that this is temporary and whatever the yucky bugs throw my way, I will make it vanish!
Bring on the Frankincense!